A War-Torn World

To the southeast, Griffins furiously feed black blood-stones into their metal war machines, smoke rising to choke the skies. To the northeast, Zebras chant around great bonfires, breathing in the fumes and drinking their brews they numb themselves to pain that their suicidal charges require. To the west, stalwart defenders of Stalliongrad hold fast, fearful of nightfall and the abominations that might come in the darkness.

World Map

World Map

In better times the envy of the world, years of protracted warfare have led to such ecological disasters as the Sand Scar Desert. Splitting the land beyond physical boundaries are the various faction forces that have emerged to claim dominion. While many of the Alliance invaders were repulsed, the remnants of The Greater Griffins Kingdoms and the Zebra Tribal Confederation remain firmly entrenched. Airships armadas, and horde armies now a mere memory of past glory, no side has the power to oust the other.

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