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A vast continent rich in resources, it is the envy of the world. Despite a decade of devastation wrought by protracted warfare, the land remains a prize worthy of contest thus ensuring continual conflict.


The Divine Diarchy of Destrier

The government of Destrier for a millenia the supposed Goddess twins reigned. A land of enforced smiles hid a rotten hedonistic core. Fed by unequal and exploitative trade, all the world suffered for the fleeting pleasures of the privaleged few.

The Magical Industrial Revolution

As civilization outgrew what was the natural and sustainable, the people of Destrier turned to sorcery. Mastering magic made Destrier into the preeminent global power. Soon sorcery, however, would be challenged by the advance of technology spearheaded by foreign powers. War would thus lead to a horrific union of the two and the mass slaughter that followed.


The Charybdis Wild Woods

A vast forested region, it remained relatively untamed even at the height of the Republic's power. Periodically populations of unruly beasts would flood over into civilized regions and cause considerable destruction. Even airships that flew over, reported irregularities and fluctuations in their navigation equipment and the occasional lone vessel would disappear without a trace. Before the war a 'Final Expedition' was called to clear the woods once and for all by the combined 3rd and 5th Airship Armadas via saturation bombing. Such plans never came to fruition.

The Searing Sea

The Dragon Elder Council growing weary of civilizations' trespass upon their territory thought to cull the continent of Destrier. When Dragon fire was bested by cannon fire, the watching world was shaken. At the Searing Sea, the final battle was waged, it was then the Lizard Lords learned mortality that day. The site itself remains a hotbed of volcanic activity, upheaval, and a treasure trove of dragon ivory. The state of Destrier has declared all dragon bones property of the government. Despite hazards, the high value of dragon ivory tempts many illegal prospectors.

The Sandscar Desert

Not a natural boundary, it is the result of decades of intensive warfare. The skeletons of great ships litter the sands. The loot of lost technology tempts many to their doom. Giant Spider Wolves and other various hostile creatures are all too eager to oblige.

The Trotsky Mountains

Named after a leader of the Revolution, it was here where he died… murdered with an icepick. The mountains themselves are protected by flocks of Sky Fishers, a race of lesser non sentient wyverns that have made nesting sites. War Balloons have been lost and even Airships have difficulty fighting the Fishers.

The Mustang Mountains

Once upon a time, it was said precursor sorcerers made the mountains as a desperate attempt to repulse the draconic hordes. They failed. Nowadays, it rumored remnants of Neighpoleon's Legions have hunkered down here and descended into banditry.

The Dragonfang Mountains.

So high they appear to swallow the sky, the Dragonfangs are the tallest of Destrier's mountains. In the past it was the staging area for the Dragons to launch raids deeper south. The advent of Airships, Cannons, and High Explosives eventually ousted the last dragons from their cave and mountain fortresses.

The North Neighska Range

Barrier to the former lands of the dragons, these mountains were once resplendent in the greenery, so much so they were once called the Emerald Mountains. With the fall of the dragons, the Neighska range froze and now only tundra lies beyond it.

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