A nation, driven to desperation, beseeched the heavens to destroy the encroaching enemy armies. When the stars fell, two thirds of the pony population survived. In the consuming chaos and conflict, only a third remains. From the Capital of the once glorious country now spews forth a murderous miasma threatening to enshroud the world. Rumored at the source is the power to make dreams or nightmares real.

Armies of occupation fight with the remnants of pony society. In survival, sacrifices were made. Hardened hearts, cold steel, and blood is the new order. Ponies struggle to remember times before. Weathering the storms of the ever shifting currents of war, all sides all but ignore the rolling fog of death that expands every day. Token expeditions sent in have never returned. Now abominations emerge from the cloud. A last expedition is launched. Meanwhile to the east old enemies are gathering for a renewed offensive.

You are not the last hope, for hope has long died. Success is not expected, yours is a blind struggle against the advancing darkness. Your mission is mostly a lie, and a poor one at that. To survive, you will need friends. Even those, you should not trust completely. Forge a friend-ship that can take the tides that come, and build beyond that. Choose carefully.

Main Characters

Leaf Sol Blue Cutlass Ziara Nightshade

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Leaf Wind

Likes: hard sake, sushi, salted foods

A Neighponese samurai without a lord is called 'Ronin', a social position of great shame; Leaf wandered westward to lands where 'Daimyo' and 'Shogun' had no meaning. Having forsaken her honor, father and family, her skill in combat is her last point of pride. Peerless and fearless, she has come far for a dignified death, could you help her find a reason to live?

Qoutes *Warning: No contractions, No mercy!*

*attack “Behold the brutal elegance of my technique!”

*blushing “Too long have I floated on the winds of woe. Could I be happy with you?”

*philosophical “Who is to say we had any more right to life than them? I say we were faster.”

*victory “Another fool falls to my blades!”

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Likes: tea, reading classical tragedies, sugary sweets

A combination combat mage and medic healing and hurting are two sides of the same coin for Sol. Behind her bright gentle smile, there is a great weight of an even greater contradiction that tempers her happiness. It is said light cannot exist without shadow; what dark purpose has she hidden in her heart? Can you resolve her heart's hope and her mission?

Qoutes *Warning: Extremely Softspoken*

*attack “Prepare for a nightmare you can neither define or defend!”

*blushing “My love, could you love the lie? Could you love me?”

*philosophical “My people or my personal desires, must they be different?”

*whimsical “Healing and harming, to learn one is to learn the other.”

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Blueberry Frost

Likes: rum and cola, fighting, ice cream

The first in several generations of Earth ponies to become a Captain. Without wings and missing magic, Blue triumphs through strength of will. Struggling with her race and class, Blue has shrugged off most her detractors throughout her career. So strong so long, what wounds lie beneath the armor plate? When her ice melts what will hold her together?

Qoutes *Warning: Southern Equis Accent*

*confusion “Whaaaaa????”

*affection “Ya idiot!”

*philosophical “Frost kills them little blueberries... ah suppose my name got a poetic sense to it.”

*whimsical “Ah ain't one fer hugs... Awww c'mere!”

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Likes: vodka, counting coins, sweet meats

Hailing from the affluent bird-house of Goldfeather, Cutlass' life to her death was arranged for her. Discarding her noble name and her destiny, she became a notorious Sky Pirate Captain. Her prosthetic wing is testament to the price she paid to be free. However, the bonds of camaraderie can be shackles unto themselves. Her crew captured, she is forced upon a suicidal mission to secure their freedom.

Qoutes *Warning: Griffin Isles Accent*

*attack “Bomb voyage!”

*greeting “I'm Cutlass, I'm here to kick ass.”

*affection “You love me? Who doesn't?”

*irritation “Bloody helheim, you don't quit do you, ya git?”

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Likes: herbal tea, hoofball, chocolate eclairs

An infamous Zebra Zerker, she drinks potions to numb her pain and feelings in battle. With each drink her feelings become more dead and dull, for hope she feels nothing she drinks further. Given a mission to retrieve the Fallen Star for her nation, she accepts, but harbors a secret wish with the star.

Qoutes *Warning: She Rhymes at all times*

*attack “This will be the last you draw breath. I see your death!”

*caution “The leopard of doubt stalks us. We mustn't be careless.”

*interest “I do not know why you want me. You are a strange pony.”

*whimsical “Rhyme takes time; it behooves one to think upon what they would say. This is the essence of the Shaman way.”

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Likes: red wine*blood, discipline, disciplining others

A legendary Knight Commander, she was rumored to have even taken the heart of a dragon. Personal guard of one of twin Goddesses when they lived in the flesh, she was privy to the dirty and dark dealings of the government. An executor of their will, she was feared and hated but ultimately respected, most of all by her elite troops. In the wake of chaos that followed the collapse, her current whereabouts are unknown...

Qoutes *Warning: Vampiric Seduction*

*interest “This isn't about lust... I trust. I would drink you dry if you were to try.”

*attentive “The cold has a hold, the chill can kill. Those who rest do not awaken. As guards we must remain forever vigilant.”

*threatening “Begone, lest my fangs find your throat.”

*serene “Come the flood of blood, what will matter?”

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